Friday, February 10, 2017

Miniature cooking - Mini food - Real Italian pasta-Pancake-Fried chicken- Menudo-Tempura

Miniature cooking - How to cook - Real mini food recipes - Episode #1

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06:47 Real mini food Pancake

11:42 Real mini food Misua Soup

16:52 Real mini food Fried Chicken

20:03 Real mini food Ground Pork Menudo

23:15 Real mini food Chicken Curry

26:12 Real mini food Vegetable Tempura

33:02 Real mini food Tuna Sandwich

This is a wholesome cooking show direct from our very own miniature kitchen with a very cute miniature space . A perfect cooking lesson for kids and the whole family.

We have created this miniature cooking show, not only to entertain but also to show your kids and the whole family how to cook various dishes from around the world. For kids, please dont try this at home without any adult supervision.

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