Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Jello recipes Christmas Ornaments DIY kids video How to Make Christmas Decorations Lucas World

Are you curious how to make Jelly Christmas Ornaments? The answer is in our next video with Lucas World DIY ideas in which we’ll show you how to make colorful Jelly Christmas ornaments made of JellO. Lucas World DIY presents How to make your unique Christmas decorations. Today Lucas World is making Christmas Ornamens with JELLO. All we need is empty christmas ornaments that we bought at Walmart and soem JELL-O gelatine mix. The receipe how to make the Jelly Christmas ornaments is at the end of the video. We made 5 different Jello ornaments and one special one that was mix of 5 diffrent colors and flavors. The Jelly Christmas Ornament can be hung as a Christmas decoration on your Christmas three just be carefull because it will be heavy. Making Rainbow Jelly Christmas Ornaments is surely Creative Fun For Kids.

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