Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Miniature Food "Motsunabe"How To Make Motsunabe/Cooking 미니어쳐 곱창 전골 요리

Miniature Food "Motsunabe"How To Make Motsunabe/Cooking

미니어처 곱창 전골 요리


Motsunabe is a type of nabemono in Japanese cuisine, which

is made from BEEF or PORK offal. A hot pot (i.e. nabe) is filled

with soup, prepared beef or pork offal and boiled for a while;

cabbage and garlic chives are added. The base soup is usually

soy sauce with garlic and chili pepper,or miso. CHAMPON noodle are often put into the pot and boiled to complete the dish.

The offal used in motsunabe is mostly beef intestines, but

various kinds of offal can be used.


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